heidi who?

a dreamer…i am a BIG dreamer! an artist. a homemaker. a story teller. a teacher. a nature lover.  an animal rights advocate. a coach.  a designer.  and…the one i treasure the most of all…a mother.  i am more than i used to be.

my children.  sigh.  they are like a little ‘perspective compass’ keeping me on course through life with a more understanding and love than i ever could have fathomed. motherhood, is pretty life altering! whether or not i could handle it, and certainly whether or not i was ready for it, motherhood…changed…everything!  as it turns out…i love it!

we have been gifted with the most charming, creative, and spirited children.  each girl ever so brilliantly unique.  over the last eight years our flock has grown to four.  four individually amazing little gems with original character, and beautiful perfections and imperfections. my job: to champion them through every step, twist, and turn of this ride we call life.  mothering them is discovering day by day(even moment by moment sometimes) how to better their experience.  the reward…an awesome view!

we nest in our little house, with our little family, and our farm of animal companions (no we don’t actually live on a farm, but with 2 ducks, a dog, a chinchilla, and a chameleon…and more animal companions desired by all…we should right?!)

this website is simply a reflection of our story. its a place to remind myself and teach my children the way i like to live. i love a life creative. i hope my children will be inspired by my creative living, and i hope to inspire and connect with any other kindred spirits as well.

a life made creative..of course there is the obvious.  to decorate, to craft, and to sew. to make it prettier, cuter, and more laced with trim.  but it’s more than that. personal problem solving. working through relationships. capturing life through photography. living in the moment. building a nest that is a refuge from the outside world. gathering food with kindness. preparing and eating food with mindfulness. restoring. cultivating. cleaning. organizing. playing. reading. listening.  from paying bills to picking out paint…really anything worth doing, can and should be done creatively. we can either do it…or we can do it creatively. with intention, with inspiration, with inventive craftsmanship.

creative…that’s how i illustrate life.