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our story, my thoughts on it, and the lessons i’ve learned, told so i will remember.

the most creative kids in the world!

girls-doing-arti am so proud of my girls!  they are all imaginative, bright, and confidently creative!  we do art everyday…literally all the time…and while some the the traditional school disciplines may take the back seat, i have to say i feel so good about it!  they love to express themselves and art is such a healthy and constructive way to do just that.

ok, so they may not  know how to add, read or write (wink, they are actually super smart)…but it’ll be ok, because they will be the dreamers, the music makers, the inventors, and the explorers.  my girls will learn how to climb mountains and then paint the sky!

they created these amazing pieces of art when given the phrase, “the world would be a better place if…” for an assignment and art contest.

here is their work:

reagangrowloveby reagan kress

grow love

“i believe the world would be a better place if people could plant and take care of trees instead of cutting them from forrest and rain forrest to build things like stores and large cities.”

irealandsanctuaryby ireland kress


“i believe the world would be a better place if people did not kill animals to eat.  i think it’s bad to kill any animals.  it hurts their feelings and they feel pain.  i love animals because they are friends.  they deserve the same love as a human gets.”

irelandspeakpeaceby ireland kress

speak peace

“the world would be a better place if people expressed our feelings with our words instead of actions like angry actions and fighting.  that is violence.  those things would be better worked out with words.”


by paisley kress

lions and tigers

“the world would be a better place if people would not be rude to tigers and hunt animals for taking thier fur.”


on being grateful for now…


i woke up before the family today…the house was quiet…

my day began.  i walked past the book room and saw calico critters spread across the rug. i glanced in the front room and saw art supplies all over the table. i quickly sneak a look out over the water, and realize its going to be rainy, my favorite kind of day. then i  got to the bathroom where toilet paper was draped all over the floor and toilet. i looked over at the stack of parenting and unschooling books on the fireplace mantel and wondered if i could get just a few pages of reading in.  i started a load of laundry, straightened up the kitchen (which means collecting up all the toys, bike helmets, and ballet tights, among other things, that were left from the day before).  i cleaned up a spilled bag of loom bands, wiped off the counter, and cleaned up the high chair.  i made 2 dozen gluten free banana muffins, and started on the full sink of dishes…i always intend to do them before bed, but frequently falls low on the priority list after a long day. i started to edit the music the girls chose for the much anticipated ice skating recital (reagan chose young blood, ireland chose free like a bird, and paisley chose king and lion heart) i heard the ducks tooting from the brooder, telling me they want to be let out for morning foraging. then i looked in my purse to find my phone and charge it for the day…but instead found two pairs of dirty socks (that didn’t match), a tap shoe, a spilled bag of almonds, and an uncapped orange marker…oh, and no cell phone.  that’s not all, but you get the picture.

i heard the pitter patter of tiny feet, and not before long, two of my four sweet girls were flanked at each side of me snuggling in tight and peering over my shoulder as i reviewed today’s events.  the conversation of mermaids and dragons started, and i heard the other two babes over the monitor, who ended up in our bed last night…again.  they were laughing and cooing entertained by each other.  the hunger cries followed from all parties…then the day really began…

one day i’m going to wake up, pull clean clothes from my drawers, (instead of  the counter in the laundry room) and get ready for the day.  then i will stroll by each tidy room after another on my way to a sparkling clean kitchen.  one day i will reach into my spacious purse and find a fully charged phone next to my organized bill fold.  one day i will sit down, look out over the water as i sip on a cup of tea and quietly read some meaningless novel. i can imagine that on this day, i will nostalgically listen for the pitter patter of those little feet, but all will be quiet.  something tells me that on that day…i will miss my circus of a life!

so today my heart is full as i am beyond grateful for this exciting season of life i am in.  grateful for  spills, young talk, and busy schedules.  grateful for constant motion, little sounds, and unbridled energy.  grateful for my little flock and all the beautiful chaos and unmistakable joy that comes with it!




be…open to change.

once upon a time there was a girl who had it all…or at least she thought she did.

a beautiful house furnished with pottery barn, a cool car, a handsome husband, two darling daughters, and an exciting career traveling the world.

with it came, a house keeper, a stack of bills, a room mate, a nanny, and lots of frequent flyer miles.

what the girl didn’t know was life was about to change….and when it did,  it changed A LOT!

at first it was hard…really hard, in fact it broke her for a bit.  and some days are still hard, but most days are lived creatively.

now the girl wipes away gluten free toast crumbs from the counter while she home schools her very creative, energetic, and talented children in the beautiful but very lived in house.  she drives a 1987 volkswagon vanagon across town, to and from, and all around.  she fights hard and hopes for a make up with her still very handsome husband, as they attempt to figure things out.  she adores…like literally adores, her now four darling daughters.  she humbly tinkers in her quiet and dusty little studio from time to time.

and with this comes, a home, a paid in full mode of transportation, a partner, a flock, and freedom.

with this comes…the little moments, the invaluable ones.  the moments that simply can not be replaced by any thing material. the challenges, tears, pain and struggle. the victories, laughter, joy and accomplishment. with this comes the satisfaction that she has created and belongs to the greatest organization established…the family.

with this comes…peace.


so girl, don’t forget to stop and be open to change…it may just surprise you how delightful it is!

how to train your dragon party

oh happy day miss ireland!


my ireland is totally into dragons!!!  from the second she saw how to train your dragon, she was hooked.  we were so excited this last spring to do a how to train your dragon party to celebrate irleland’s 6th bithday!

we decorated our entry way to welcome each of our guests to dragon training.

kidsonporch entrydecor

of course we had all sorts of yummy goodies.  sweets, little gifts, and tasty drinks.

reagandrinking drinks littlegifts

there were lots of fun games and activities. we made viking helmets, had a dragon egg hunt, and painted dragon eggs.

silverinhelmet dragonegghunt paintingdragoneggs

it was a blast! i love you ireland!  you are growing up so strong, so inventive, with so much imagination, and with an unwavering zip for life!



a new adventure for team kilo!!!

ok!!!  we are doing this!!!  we are taking a year (maybe longer) to homeschool. ahhh….for real???  yep!  today we had our first official school day…and this was our classroom!

firstdayofhomeschoolso honestly, i always thought homeschooling was a little…or maybe a lot…weird…and never dreamed i would become so enthusiastic about taking such a a journey. i have thought long and hard about this…it’s kind of a big deal, and i have confidently decided it is the best option for our family at this stage of our life. i am super excited and i think i can provide the girls with a pretty rich experience…


we even came up with with a name for our little school!  so…may i introduce…wonderquest  academy for great girls.  stay tuned!