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the things that i hold dear.

so…i’m ready to write again…

this last year has been…a…wild…ride!

i am sitting here enjoying the last lazy days of summer watching the price is right, and snuggling with my sweet gems! i was just thinking…that while i am SUPER sad i didn’t document better (thank goodness for instagram right!) i am so proud that i really focussed on living in the moment. for me, to do that, i had to hyper focus on  nothing but being.  being present, being focused on my crew, being open to feeling the stuff i have been pushing away. that is it. no pressure of business, no pressure of blogging, no pressure of fighting to get back to where i used to be, no pressure of earning (thank you ryan for working long hours to bring in the extra cash we need!) i needed to get to a place where creating art, and making cute stuff was for no other reason that simply…to create!  create it for me, for my family…or just because! it hasn’t been easy to get here.  with everything i went though with all the…you know what…whatever…i’m over it.  i’m here now…and i love it. so although not successful if measured with the standards of the old days…i have had fun!  i have been so lucky to be with our girls…to teach them, to play with them and to connect with them!!! take a look.

we did art. we did a lot of art.

we connected with animals and nature.

we played.  we laughed.  we argued, and then made up…we connected.

we traveled in the vanagon aka “the dove.”

we danced…like everyday!

we learned the joy of making and selling stuff.

we did a lot of sports.

we stood for what we believe in.

and…we got a little older.

there’s more…so much more! but for now…that’s it.  it’s been nice to have a big long break!  all that said…once an entrepreneur always an entrepreneur!  we (and when i say we, i mean we, as in the whole family…because that’s how i role now) have taken the opportunity to start a new business and we are SO excited!!!  it’s not something i ever thought i would do…but i actually can’t believe how excited and grateful i feel!!!

i will be sharing more very soon!  here’s a hint…





how can so much happen in just one blink?

seriously, how is it that so much can happen in just one blink.  they dance, they sing, they live, they play, they learn, they grow, they go…they go go go, they stumble, they fall, and they get back up.  and as they do, i hold their hand.  i wipe their tears. i sit by their side.  i watch, i listen, i cry, i breath, and i cherish it…trying ever so intently to soak up every minute i can.  yet even with this awareness…it goes by so fast.  too fast.  a day older, a week…almost a year.  eight years.  and then one day i blink…and open my eyes, only to discover they are, well…becoming little women.


today i’m feeling a little (ok…a lot) guilty for not documenting more…i simply can not forget this magical time. (thank goodness for instagram!) there is so much i love about my beautiful little flock, our circus of a life, my sleepless imagination and i gotta start sharing again.

ireland…my nature girl turns 6.


my sweet ireland.  lover of animals, dragons, climbing, and all things nature…she is our earth child!  she turned 6 and asked to go to a farm sanctuary for her birthday. she is SO awesome!  after some serious research and lots of planning, this is how our fantasic weekend went…first stop was the olympic game farm.


we have mixed feelings about this place.  it is great for us to see all of the unique animals, most of which are unwanted by zoo’s, pet owners, and old film companies…the game farm is basically a retirement center for large animals.  of course it is not ideal for some of the animals that clearly were meant to be in the wild, but better here than being mistreated or neglected. with so much land dedicated to the farm, there are quite a few wild indigenous animals that have made the game farm their home.  it is a pretty cool place to take the family, and a great laugh as you will most definitely get chased by buffalo who will stick their whole head in your car and give you a lick…(check out my instagram roll for some hilarious pitures!)

then we made our way into to mountains where we stayed at an awesome bed and breakfast…the elwah ranch.


there was a huge storm that night and we had to snuggle to keep warm because the power went out…we woke up to fresh fallen snow…it was magical.

speaking of magical…the highlight of it all…the precious life animal sanctuary.


this place…it is amazing.  i called and spoke to the owner of the farm and told him about sweet ireland and her birthday wish.  his name is ralph, and he is so kind hearted, hardworking, and was so good to oblige us.  i told him we would love to come spend some time on the farm and help out for a morning…he welcomed me, our entire crew, and i am sure…the help!  it was a surprise snow day, and we did not come prepared to get our vanagon up into the mountains, so we had to hike into the farm, which was so fun for the girls.


ralph is so wonderful with these animals.  they are his friends, as it should be.  he has saved rabbits, cows, horses, turkeys, pigs, goats, dogs, deer, and ducks.  he treats them with such love, respect, and belonging.  he works effortlessly to tend to them, and does so with compassion.  what an amazing example he has set for my little flock.


at the entrance to his farm there is a wood carved sign that displays the poem, ‘if i can stop one heart from breaking’  written by emily dickinson.  it reads:

if i can stop on heart from breaking,

i shall not live in vain;

if i can ease one life the aching,

or cool one pain,

or help one fainting robin

unto his nest again,

i shall not live in vain.

-emily dickinson

robin-in-his-nest-webi painted this because i was so moved by everything that ralph stands for, and so inspired by everything irleand loves…and because…in my mind, this is how it should be.

(please if you feel so moved…go to his site and make a donation…he runs this magnificent farm out of his own pocket, and i can only imagine how expensive it is. i have done enough research to know just how difficult this kind of farm is to run…he is saving animals not using them for gain!  he primarily single handily maintains the farm, and it is not open to public…he was just willing to let us come and be a part of his routine for the day.  he does get a few volunteer groups at times…so we are going to be visiting the farm again this summer, and are looking to put together a work crew of volunteers!  if you are interested…please, PLEASE respond or email me!)

it was an awesome birthday wish, and i am so grateful that she has such a warm heart.  it allowed our little family to have quite the adventure, a great time together, and a reminder of the peace we should keep.  happy birthday to my young but old soul…my sweet girl…my earth child!  i love you.




on practicing gratitude…


prac·tice (prkts)

v. prac·ticed, prac·tic·ing, prac·tic·es
1To do or perform habitually or customarily; make a habit of: practices courtesy in social situations.  2To do or perform (something) repeatedly in order to acquire or polish a skill: practice a dance step.  3To work at.  4To carry out in action; observe

some days there is no need to practice…gratitude…it’s just there.

team kilo at resti took this a couple of weeks ago one night after a day filled with pleasant adventures…ending ever so peacefully.

…then there are days like today!

i woke-up, dealt with the racket of figuring out how to fix the washer (only to find out we’ve got another week till the repair guy can come out…BLAST!) got four girls ready…forgot we did not eat,  grabbed some muffins and juice…lost keys…found keys…was late dropping off the kids at school…now two girls in tow…confirmed ireland and reagan are in gymnastics…ran to the store to grab supplies for kindergarten art class… rushed to the Y…rowed…then walked with a sweet friend…ran to artco to get the stuff to fix ireland’s dragon egg necklace (um..yeah it is totally a real dragon egg!)…got to the car, realized it was the wrong stuff… returned the wrong stuff, got the right stuff…realized i forgot after school snack, ireland’s climbing harness, and reagan’s jazz shoes…jet home, discover that typhoon has eaten all but one of the batch of muffins i baked for the after school snack…prepared a new snack…zipped in to get my foot x-rayed…flew into the school to teach art to ireland’s kindergarten class(with paisley painting on…well, everything and everyone’s art…and silver crying the entire time…23 kids…alcohol ink snowflakes, i am sure you can imagine.)…tried to leave, lost keys…found keys, quickly changed all girls in the car…dropped off reagan at jazz…dropped off ireland at climbing…picked up reagan from jazz…made lot’s of phone calls for doctor’s appointments…picked up ireland from climbing…all the while singing songs to occupy paisley and frequently nursing silver…oh, and the loading, unloading, and reloading..and loading again…FINALLY…home!…ate dinner…showered my little ducklings…went to bed…(not really  it’s 10 pm, and i still here paisley and reagan sneaking  into each other’s rooms)

practice gratitude today? um…when…i was like go. go. go. go. go…breath…

my gratitude practice is as follows…

i am grateful to have a phone, washer and dryer in our house…grateful for how incredible unique each one of my sweet girls are in style, attitude and personal expression…grateful that both girls have teachers who love them regardless if they are late…grateful i made muffins last night…grateful that i found a good gymnastics gym with quality coaching…grateful that we have stores on every corner that make it easy to get the basic things we need with such ease…grateful that the Y finally brought in rowing machines…grateful for connection with a safe friend who shares and listens with encouragement and without judgement…grateful for ireland, our nature girl…for her imagination, her creativity, and her spirit of adventure…grateful that they know me so well at artco…grateful that we live in short driving distance to all of our activities…grateful for typhoon, my loyal companion and his old age antics…grateful for local grocery stores that carry healthy options…grateful for insurance…grateful that ireland’s teacher understands the spirit of community and welcomes me to teach art in the classroom even with two additional kids in tow…grateful that those kids (ireland included) are happy to see me and enthusiastic about learning…grateful for keys…um…i’m actually still pretty resentful toward my keys, i lose them everyday!…grateful my kids are motivated to do sports…grateful for my iphone…grateful that reagan has a fun and safe place to express her creativity through dance…grateful that ireland has found her peaceful place with climbing…grateful that paisley loves to share her sweet singing voice with me and everyday else around with such conviction…grateful that little silver eats so well, sleeps so well and rolls with our circus…grateful for plant based meal replacement bars, i ate 3 today…SO grateful for the vanagon (it’s quite possibly the smartest investment ever!)…grateful for our duel head shower (it’s huge)…and truly grateful (though cliche) for our home…one that it is filled with wild energy, sweet laughter, love and belonging.

wink…and good night.