so…i’m ready to write again…

this last year has been…a…wild…ride!

i am sitting here enjoying the last lazy days of summer watching the price is right, and snuggling with my sweet gems! i was just thinking…that while i am SUPER sad i didn’t document better (thank goodness for instagram right!) i am so proud that i really focussed on living in the moment. for me, to do that, i had to hyper focus on  nothing but being.  being present, being focused on my crew, being open to feeling the stuff i have been pushing away. that is it. no pressure of business, no pressure of blogging, no pressure of fighting to get back to where i used to be, no pressure of earning (thank you ryan for working long hours to bring in the extra cash we need!) i needed to get to a place where creating art, and making cute stuff was for no other reason that simply…to create!  create it for me, for my family…or just because! it hasn’t been easy to get here.  with everything i went though with all the…you know what…whatever…i’m over it.  i’m here now…and i love it. so although not successful if measured with the standards of the old days…i have had fun!  i have been so lucky to be with our girls…to teach them, to play with them and to connect with them!!! take a look.

we did art. we did a lot of art.

we connected with animals and nature.

we played.  we laughed.  we argued, and then made up…we connected.

we traveled in the vanagon aka “the dove.”

we danced…like everyday!

we learned the joy of making and selling stuff.

we did a lot of sports.

we stood for what we believe in.

and…we got a little older.

there’s more…so much more! but for now…that’s it.  it’s been nice to have a big long break!  all that said…once an entrepreneur always an entrepreneur!  we (and when i say we, i mean we, as in the whole family…because that’s how i role now) have taken the opportunity to start a new business and we are SO excited!!!  it’s not something i ever thought i would do…but i actually can’t believe how excited and grateful i feel!!!

i will be sharing more very soon!  here’s a hint…





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